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Insurance companies: Collective Labor Agreement negotiations and more…

22 September 2023

in this post we will inform you about this the start of the collective labor agreement negotiations, the state of Affairs in the working groups and the Mindication of the Vagreement.

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CLA negotiations

Op 15 september 2023 are we with the negotiations started en to have we it mostly had over retirement. Collective Labor Agreement parties moeten by the Law Tfuture Ppensions further appointments to make about this de new collective agreement. The workgroup Retirement heeft advice released at collective labor agreement parties about the type pension plan, premium en ambition, survivor's pension, transitional law en compensation, enter and finally the extreme date of transition. Collective Labor Agreement parties moeten here nu further over to go onderhandelen with each other.

Seen de complexity from the pension file to expect collective labor agreement parties cannot earlier and 19 December 2023 of outcomes known te can not be purchased to make including de others terms of employment appointments. This is from importance about this de transition processes the possible al are deployed about this expectant
1 2024. The subject of pensions is back on the agenda for the next round of negotiations and we will also discuss the proposal letters from employers, De Unie and the other trade unions.

De coming get-togethers are op Wednesday 11 oktober, Wednesday 1 november, Wednesday 15 november, Friday 24 november, Wednesday 13 December and finally on Tuesday 19 December 2023.

Working groups

De workgroup crossing on the Alabor market keeps herself in process immediately digital matching tool om employees those 'at risk' are from work to work te help out in the insurance sector of adjacent financial sectors. Also collect we onderzoeken over relevant labor market developments en want to we a network from mobility advisors Setting up the knowledge en experience to exchange and also labor market activities to organize.

De workgroup Scoherent Iemployability policy heeft employers en trade unions advised om not new tools on it area from durable employability te to introduce in the collective labor agreement. Well there is need to master classes themes so as the mutual knowledge exchange te promote en networks te enlarge. The dates and content of knowledge sessions moeten even Worden in tune en Worden later known made.

De workgroup Pretirement is ready and the workgroup Foffice house L-shapedonbuilding is discontinued, because de need to it was missing at parties. The workgroup Health & Safety Catalogue is in process with the renew of texts on the website and it maintenance of working pressure gauge. This occupational health tools are also available about this de health insurers and they nemen therefore also part at this workgroup.

Month of trade union

in the collective agreement to have trade unions en employers de Appointment made to a 'month of trade union' at to organize† We had at first de month september chosen but it is finally oktober 2023 become. The employers shall this action facilitate en during twelve maanden the union membership of employees about this 50% reimburse. This applies both about this existing January of labor unions as a about this new January. The action is from the Covenant from Insurers and the trade unions Scattered and stuff possible also via the BTO, platform of participations in the industry. Hold the website of De Union en Commitment media in the holes!

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