De Unie, in your interest

De Unie, in your interest

De Unie is there for your work and income: whether you are working, unemployed, disabled or enjoying your pension. Where possible, we help you avoid problems. If that is not possible, we will look for a solution together. But even if there is not a cloud in the sky, we are there for you. To get more out of your career, for example, or to help you prepare for your future.



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Whatever your interest is

From a summer job to retirement: your income is a common thread in your life. But no matter how well you plan it out, your life can always take an unexpected turn. For example, if your health is not cooperating, laws are against you or your employer or government agency makes an unpleasant decision. Such a change can have far-reaching consequences. That's exactly when it's nice to have someone behind you: for a listening ear, an extra pair of eyes or a helping hand.

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Statutes and internal regulations

If you become a full or extra member of De Unie, you agree to our statutes and bylaws Curious about what it says? Read them here:

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