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My job

Will I continue to receive my wages if I cannot work due to illness?
Do I have to respond to the call from the company doctor?
What can I do if my employer and I disagree about the reintegration?
More questions about my work

My collective labor agreement / social plan

What is a collective labor agreement?
My employer is not covered by a collective labor agreement. What does this mean for me?
Can my employer deviate from the collective labor agreement?
More questions about my collective labor agreement / social plan

My pension

Is my employer obliged to make a pension plan for me?
Where can I find information about my accrued pension?
What is a UPO?
Where can I check whether I have accrued pension in the past?
More questions about my pension

My allowance

What is a WIA benefit?
What is unemployment benefit?
Am I eligible for unemployment benefit?
More questions about my benefits

My membership

How can I join De Unie?
How can I pay my contribution?
Where can I request my annual statement?
More questions about my membership

My taxes

Can I have the payroll tax credit applied to several employers at the same time?
Can I retroactively use the vakbondHave the contribution settled for tax purposes?
More questions about my taxes

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