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Our services

Every person is unique. Therefore De Unie not only collective support, but also personal support through our services. Whether you want to have your employment contract checked, want insight into your pension or need help with informal care: our experts are ready to help you. Contact us for help and advice in the areas of work, healthcare and income. So that you can always make an informed choice.

our services

service centers

Our specialists are available every working day from 8.30:17.00 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. Do you enlist our help by phone, email or chat? Then we will help you: with tips, advice, thinking along or a listening ear.

our services

Legal assistance with work, benefits and income

You receive a new contract proposal, you lose your job or you have to deal with benefits agencies. Our legal specialists will take a detailed look with you and help you avoid problems.

our services

Career development

We regularly offer free development programs and are happy to advise you when you get started with your future plan.

our services

Member benefits

During your career you sometimes run into employment law issues. The specialists of De Unie are happy to solve them for you.

Pension insight

Our pension experts are ready to help you and provide you with personal, understandable insight. In your situation, but also in various funds and schemes, possible benefits or great opportunities for your old age.

Participation in your terms of employment

It is very important that the correct agreements are recorded. That is why it is very valuable if you – together with your colleagues – vote on the content of the collective labor agreement.