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Your collective labor agreement and sector determine everything about your employment: from your salary to your pension accrual, from travel allowances to development opportunities. It is therefore very important that the correct agreements are recorded. If not, it could easily affect your income or career opportunities. It is therefore very valuable if you - together with your colleagues - vote on the content of the collective labor agreement.

Sit De Unie at the collective bargaining table at your employer or trade association? Then you can help decide on the terms and conditions of employment for you and your colleagues. For example, by voting on your collective labor agreement and social plan. In addition, you can go to De Unie and your collective labor agreement specialist for targeted answers, advice and support. We are ready to represent your interests and provide you with the right information and support.

Don't you have a collective labor agreement? Then you also have rights, obligations and employment conditions. These are stated in the law or your contract. We are happy to inform and advise you about this. And do you want to negotiate with your employer about your employment conditions? We will then help you determine the best strategy, so that you are stronger in the conversation.

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