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Why a paid membership?

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De Unie is committed to your work and income. For example, we negotiate your collective labor agreement, assist you during legal conflicts and help you gain insight into your pension. We also help you get the most out of your career. All you have to do for that? Join. Only then can our involved specialists, experts, experts and advocates really make the difference for you.

This is what you get De Unie

Legal help
Where possible, our legal advisers help to prevent problems related to your work and income. And does it come to a conflict? Then we look for a solution together. We will let you know what you are entitled to, provide you with useful advice or negotiate with your employer. If necessary, we can communicate or even litigate on your behalf.
Insight into your pension
Retirement is far from their bed for many people. Everyone knows it's important, but reading up and preparing? That will come later. Risky, because before you know it, 'later' is now. That is why our pension specialists help you gain insight in a personal and understandable way. That way you know exactly where you stand. Now, but also later.
Influence on your employment conditions
As a trade union, we have traditionally had an important task: representing you during collective bargaining. And we still do. We sit at the negotiating table with many organizations and industry associations, where we fight for good terms of employment. We really listen to you and keep you informed of the progress.
Additional cover for consumer and housing legal assistance
As an extra member of De Unie In addition to legal advice in the field of work and income, you also have extensive coverage via DAS in other areas of law. For example, you will be helped directly in conflicts about:

  • Damage and personal injury caused by traffic
  • Damage caused by others to personal property
  • A dispute about health insurance and health, such as an accident at work or a medical malpractice
  • Inheritance law
  • Neighbors law

For an extensive overview of the total coverage under the DAS policy, you can view the conditions. read here the conditions. Here you can see exactly what is and is not covered.

More benefits

  • Your family is insured. This means that this applies to everyone in your house.
  • There is no waiting period for this insurance. After the insurance has been taken out, conflicts that arise afterwards are immediately insured.

Do you want to be informed of the latest legal news? View all blogs from DAS, with legal tips and tricks.

Which membership is right for you?

If you join De Unie, you can choose from two memberships: Complete and Extra. In both cases you will receive extensive support from our expert team of legal specialists and pension experts. And whatever you choose, you can always contact our Service Center for unlimited help with all your questions and problems in the field of work and income. With both memberships you also get influence on your employment conditions, if we sit at the negotiating table with your employer or trade association.

There is one important difference: with the Extra membership you receive legal expenses insurance Consumer Law & Housing. This is an excellent addition to the security that a Union membership offers you in terms of your work and income. And extra nice: the insurance also covers your family members!

8 reasons to join De Unie

  • Complete help with work, benefits & income
  • Exclusive member benefits
  • Handy calculation tools & sample letters
  • Newsletter about your work & income
  • Legal advice & support
  • Insight into your pension
  • Help & advice with your benefit
  • Participation in your terms of employment