De Unie, in your interest

Member benefits

De Unie supports you in the field of work, income and care. But as a trade association, we want to offer you more. That is why we make agreements with other parties about their services and products, which are closely aligned with our own offer. Not to earn money from it ourselves, because we don't do that. We do it all for you, our member. So that you get what you deserve.

Everything for our members and followers

We would like to offer you even more. Will you let us know what you need? Then we look for cooperation with other parties. We look at which existing product best suits your needs, or create one tailor-made. For example, we offer private lease with A en we work with Senior Service in the field of informal care. Exclusively for you as a member or follower, always extra affordable and fully in line with our attention to work, income and care.

Discover our member benefits


A care package that suits you exactly.

Silver Cross

Health insurance with an attractive discount and extra benefits.