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Two people get to know each other, what do they ask almost immediately? Exactly: "What are you doing?" Logical, because your profession says a lot about who you are. From summer job to retirement: work and income are a common thread in our lives. They have a significant impact on how we feel and develop, and are the foundation of our confidence and self-esteem. Not something to guard on your own, if the going gets tough. Not now, not later. That's why De Unie st.

De Unie: from, for and by you
No matter how well you plan it, your career can always take an unexpected turn. For example, if your health does not cooperate, rules and laws are against you or your employer makes an unpleasant decision. Such a change can have profound consequences. That is precisely when it is nice to have someone behind you: for a listening ear, extra pair of eyes or support in your back.

De Unie is ready for you

Our experts are there for your safety. They make agreements with your employer and trade association. They inform and advise you on everything to do with work and income. And they guide you when you - or your situation - asks for it. They follow developments in your sector closely and know exactly what the legal fork is like. If you ask them a question, you will get an understandable answer. So that you really know how it works. So: do you worry about your pension? Do you disagree with your dismissal? Concerns about informal care? Call us!

Well-being is the new prosperity

Our society seems to revolve more and more about cold numbers and less about people. We find that worrisome. Therefore De Unie a clear vision: well-being is the new prosperity. Your happiness must come first, also in your work. With that in mind, we sit down with employers and sector organizations to make collective agreements. With that in mind, we develop tailor-made services for you personally. We are affiliated with the Trade Union Federation for Professionals (VCP). Via the VCP we even have influence on national laws and regulations. In this way we represent your interests, from the workplace to The Hague.

For the work and income of all of us

At De Unie you are not a customer, but a member. A co-owner. Everything we do revolves around you. Dependent on others? Are we not. Profit? We don't make. Shareholders? We do not have. What we do have: a large group of loyal members. People who also want to influence their work and income. People who want more security, now and later. People like you who understand that they are stronger together. Will you join?

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Our organization in brief

The board

The member council

Members' Parliament of our association. They appoint and monitor the board, amend the articles of association, determine the amount of the contribution and determine the budget and annual figures.

Triennial Congress

Here the members' council formalizes the association's policy for the coming years

You get this as a member of
De Unie

  • Representation of collective interests
  • Individual support in the field of work, care and income
  • Exclusive member benefits

Statutes and regulations

Curious about our statutes and our internal regulations? Download them here!

- Statutes
- House rules

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