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Leave and vacation

I have planned a holiday that has been canceled, can I refund or get my days off?
I want to cancel my vacation, can my employer refuse?
Can my employer prohibit me from going on holiday abroad?
Can my employer oblige me to take leave or vacation because there is less work?
What is arranged for a doctor's visit and a dentist visit during working hours?
What is emergency leave?
What is short-term care leave?
What is long-term care leave?
What is maternity leave?
What is parental leave?
Am I entitled to special leave?
What has been arranged if I want to take unpaid leave for free use?
How many vacation days am I entitled to?
What are legal holidays?
What are non-statutory holidays?
When do my holidays expire?
Does my employer have to agree with my vacation application?
Am I entitled to ATV / ADV days?
I have a zero hours contract. Do I also accrue vacation days?