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What is an RVU?
What is an RVU tax?
What does the relaxation of the RVU levy entail?
What are the conditions for the RVU threshold exemption?
What does the new system mean for my accrued pension?
Could the new system be disadvantageous for me?
How is an estimate made of your pension?
How do I accrue pension in the new system?
Will the changes take effect immediately?
Why did new agreements about pensions have to be made?
Is my employer obliged to make a pension plan for me?
Can I save for a higher pension myself?
Where can I find information about my accrued pension?
What is a UPO?
Where can I check whether I have accrued pension in the past?
What is value transfer?
Is value transfer sensible?
What is the coverage ratio of a pension fund?