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Dismissal and termination of employment

My employer has made a commitment to extend my contract or to extend hours. Can he come back to this?
My employer has promised to extend my contract for a definite period, but is not doing so now. Is that allowed?
My fixed-term contract will not be extended, is that allowed?
I will be fired during my probationary period, is that allowed?
Does this notice period also apply to a fixed-term contract?
In what situation does the employer have to apply for dismissal from the UWV for me?
When is collective redundancy?
When exactly does my employment end (dismissal for business reasons)?
What am I entitled to when my employment ends?
Am I obliged to continue working now that my employment contract may end soon?
Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?
What should I do if I have received an agreement by mutual consent (settlement agreement)?
Has your temporary employment not been extended while your employer previously indicated that your contract would be extended?
In what situation must the employer apply for dismissal from the subdistrict court for me?
What is instant dismissal?
What is consensual dismissal?
What is a notice period?
When does the notice period start?
I have a temporary contract. Do I have a notice period?
I have a permanent contract. How long is my cancellation period?
What does the notification obligation entail?
What if my employer does not comply with the notification obligation?
My temporary contract states that it will not be renewed. Does this also apply as a notification requirement?
Am I eligible for unemployment benefit?
I have received a severance / transition payment. I've heard about the averaging scheme. How does that arrangement work?