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In the workplace

Employment contracts

My employer has made a commitment to extend my contract or to extend hours. Can he come back to this?
My employer has promised to extend my contract for a definite period, but is not doing so now. Is that allowed?
My fixed-term contract will not be extended, is that allowed?
Am I obliged to continue working now that my employment contract may end soon?
Has your temporary employment not been extended while your employer previously indicated that your contract would be extended?
What is a temporary employment contract?
What is a zero hours contract?

Competition and relationship clause

Can the employer agree on a non-competition clause?
What is a non-competition clause?
What is a relationship clause?
Can my employer agree on a non-competition clause with me?
What can I do to get rid of my non-competition clause?
What is the difference between a non-competition clause and a ban on ancillary activities?


How much can I earn in my job?
What is the legal minimum wage?
Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages during my break?
Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages if I am not working on a public holiday?
Can I have the payroll tax credit applied to several employers at the same time?


I will be fired during my probationary period, is that allowed?
What is probation?
I have a temporary contract. Can a probationary period be included?
I have a permanent contract. How long can the trial period be?
My temporary contract is being extended. Can a trial period be taken up again?
I first worked on a temporary basis and then got a direct contract with the client. Do I have a probationary period?
I'm on probation. Do I have a notice period?

Working hours

Can my employer adjust my working hours?
Does the allowance for on-call duty include hours worked?
Where are the rules set about my working hours?
Can I work without taking a break?
Am I obliged to work on Sundays?
Is my travel time also working time?
How about overtime?
What can I do if I want to work part-time?