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UWV collective labor agreement De Unie

UWV: Report open consultation 21 June 2022

De Unie has regular open consultations with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). In these consultations we discuss the state of affairs at UWV, we work out study agreements and…

wholesale food de unie

GIL: Wage agreements in the collective labor agreement for the wholesale trade in foodstuffs) are a fact. Now the rest!

A large majority of the members of De Unie agreed with the employers' final proposal, as with the other vakbondand.…

Professional freight transport: Pensioenfonds Vervoer indexes

Pensioenfonds Vervoer will index the pension by 2022% as of July 3,24. The collective labor agreement parties have wanted to increase pensions for years, but…

Care and Security: Negotiations social plan

On Friday 24 June I, Emanuel Geurts (representative) negotiated with Henk Gerla and Marlies Guezen of Zorg en Zekerheid about a…

ING: Periodic consultation report 22 June 2022

Agenda periodic consultation On 22 June De Unie held periodic consultations with ING. †

Negotiation result of the collective labor agreement for the Plastics, Rubber and Glue Industry

How does it look De Unie against the 2021/2022 collective labor agreement negotiation result for the plastics, rubber and…

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