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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight: The negotiation result for the new collective labor agreement!

April 26, 2024

After a long period of negotiation De Unie, other trade unions and employers' organization Veneca now happily report that a negotiation result has been reached on a new collective labor agreement as of April 1, 2024.  

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Collective labor agreement components

The collective labor agreement contains parts for different groups of employees: part A (contract catering), part B (hospitality) and Inflight. With the new collective labor agreement, we strive for an equal package for everyone as much as possible, taking the different circumstances into account. Part A is retained and there remains freedom of choice for part A and part B. This choice has been simplified:

  • You are guaranteed not to lose out when you switch from part A to part B.
  • there are new solutions to be able to schedule freely throughout the day.
  • you can choose between the generation pact and senior days.
  • you will receive the highest tax travel allowance when you switch to part B.

There are differences between A and B, but these do not affect the rating. All employees, especially those who have been in the industry for a long time, are respected and valued. The employers and trade unions are proud of the (long-term) commitment of you and your colleagues in the industry.

Substantial pay increase

A significant pay increase was important and the agreed pay increases have never been so high. Understandable given the high inflation of the past period. In the new agreements, the increases for colleagues in the lowest pay scales are slightly higher than for those in the highest pay scales. In the new one wage tables for contract catering, hospitality & inflight you can see what this means for you in the years 2024 and 2025.

More improvements

In addition, travel costs have improved, which is also necessary given fuel prices. In a tight labor market, it is important to make the industry more attractive to young people. That is why the internship allowance has been increased to €350 and the youth scales are 10% higher than those in the catering industry. Agreements have also been made for a better work-life balance because many employees have to deal with informal care tasks. Then it is important that you can complete this correctly. You can read all agreements from the negotiation result for contract catering, hospitality and inflight here.

What do you think?

Now that there is a negotiation result, we are curious about the opinions of our members. We are positive about it. The members have received an invitation to vote until Monday May 13, 2024. If the members agree, there will be a new collective labor agreement and the salary increase can be arranged retroactively to April 1. The text of the new collective labor agreement will then be drawn up.


If you would like to respond to this newsletter or contact our advocate Emanuel Geurts, please email or call 06-52522074. For individual advice, you can contact the Service Center on 0345-851 963, via or the chat function

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