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21 September 2022

Our members ask us a lot of questions every day about their work, income and care - especially now that our world is turned upside down by the corona virus and the government measures. Our experts advise them, answer questions and get them back on track. But we would like to help everyone, especially now. We launched our new service especially for non-members Union DirectOur experts are happy to help you!

De Unie is there for you too

Do you have questions about the consequences of corona on your situation? Are you concerned about your income? Please contact Union Direct. There, experienced experts are ready every working day to help you with their knowledge and skills. They answer your questions, can advise you on how to tackle certain situations and offer a listening ear. They can also mediate for you and negotiate with your employer - even litigate if necessary. Take for free and without obligation contact us. Call 0345 851 442 or send an e-mail to For more information see Union Direct.

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