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Insurance companies: Collective Labor Agreement

January 10 2024

With this message we inform you about the outcome of the votes held on the negotiation result for the new collective labor agreement for the Insurance Companies.  

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Voting result

Thanks for the votes cast! After counting the votes, the conclusion is that the members of De Unie the vast majority agree with the achieved negotiation result. 89% voted in favor, 7% abstained and 4% voted against. If we look at the comments, the result achieved is seen as balanced and positive. There is some unknown and uncertainty about what the pension agreements will mean for everyone, so the collective labor agreement parties should pay some extra attention to this.

The members of the other trade unions and the employers of the Dutch Association of Insurers have also largely agreed. This means there is a collective labor agreement result! The texts of the current collective labor agreement are now being amended to reflect what was agreed in the negotiation result. As soon as the new collective labor agreement for the Insurance Companies is ready, the members will receive it from us again. We expect this to be in February or March.


You can reach the representative Emanuel Geurts by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. Do you have an individual question or do you need advice? Please contact our Service Center via or by telephone at 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!

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