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Insurance companies: a new collective labor agreement

April 12, 2024

With this message, the representative Emanuel Geurts informs you about the new collective labor agreement and the appointments those there further over are made.

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In December 2023 to have De Union, others trade unions and with employer delegation of insurers a negotiation result reached about a new collective labor agreement per 1 2024. Then follow the the vote by the January of the trade unions and employers and the positive vote result.

Thereafter are de appointments from the negotiation result processed in the Text of new Collective Labor Agreement for Insurance Companies 2024. The new dog is next reported at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment opportunities om general binding te Worden explained.

During 2024 to go collective labor agreement parties research do to pay differences between men en Vrouwen. On the basis of the results of this research, discuss collective labor agreement parties possible solutions. For this is a workgroup 'equal paf' set up.

De collective labor agreement parties to have in the negotiation result communicated about the simplification of grant more- en overtime. In between themselves consultation to have collective labor agreement parties agreed to meet om this Appointment in the next collective labor agreement in te feed. Based on current information leads de change in this collective labor agreement 2024 until many uncertainty en adverse securities† That stands for that about this this collective labor agreement text about this the more- en overtime unchanged remains.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please contact the representative Emanuel Geurts. He can be reached via and via 06-5252 2074. Do you have one? individual question of need at advice, please contact our Service Center at of telephone via 0345-851 963. We help out je keen to!

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