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Contract catering: collective labor agreement negotiations

The current Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering runs until 1 April 2022. This Collective Labor Agreement is actually an intermediate step on the way to a new Collective Labor Agreement. We use this period to translate the developments in the sector into new employment relationships and employment conditions that will make the sector future-proof. These developments were also the focus of the conference on the future of catering at the end of November 2021. The social partners are preparing a follow-up conference in April 2022 to discuss the developments and the collective labor agreement with the sector again. First reach a new collective labor agreement.

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CLA negotiations

In a number of rounds in January, February and March we are working on a new collective labor agreement with agreements for two groups of employees. The current employees who now fall under the collective labor agreement for contract catering and new employees who work in contract catering and catering. This will then become the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitality with a broader scope than the current Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering. Our independent process supervisor Bram de Klerck explains our process in this video message out to you.

On 17 February, employers announced that they want to keep up with recently agreed increases in the Horeca in terms of wage development. In concrete terms, this would mean that low-scale employees would receive a 3,4% wage increase and higher-scale employees 2% or all 3% in April 2022 and 2% on 1 January 2023. Employers want the same term of the Horeca collective labor agreement (2 years), subject to change. Vakbondand in any case want to agree on their own salary increase and term. As far as I am concerned, what an appropriate salary increase and term is, also depends on the total package of employment conditions. For example, what do employers offer with the Generation Pact and the travel costs? We will discuss this further on Tuesday 22 February 2022.

The provisional conclusion of the social partners on 17 February was that we want to keep the sector inflight in the sector collective labor agreement, but with our own deviating agreements. In the consultation, I argued in favor of the purchasing power of employees, better working conditions with less heavy work, and mentioned the increasing tightness in the labor market and its effect on work pressure. Employers have expressed their concerns about the plans (greening, shrinking) that Europe and the Cabinet have with Schiphol and KLM. This could lead to a smaller role for Schiphol and less employment. The labor market is also an issue for them. As soon as the world opens (further) and the demand for flights increases, there must be suitable employees to cater for these flights. For the time being, this will not be possible if the demand increases significantly. A joint summary of the social partners about this round of discussions can be found here.† Next Tuesday, March 1, we will continue to discuss the inflight.

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Do you recognize the issues in contract catering and inflight? Do you have any suggestions for me? Please let me know at† I, representative Emanuel Geurts, would like to hear from you!


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