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Contract catering: we're done!

April 12, 2024

With this message the advocate Emanuel Geurts informs you that: a negotiation result is reached for the collective labor agreement contract catering, hospitality and flight.


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Negotiation result

Good news! There is a Mooi result reached between employers and De Unie, FNV Catering and the CNV for de total high. After dit earlier this week success for Inflight it is now too success for de total collective labor agreement The employers and the unions to go the negotiation result even present to the rank and file.
The details of the negotiation outcome are yet to be determined Worden Unsubscribed, so that er not noise on the line can are over this details. This asks unfortunately something else time. We shall zo quickly possible everybody Inform. We to expect that this within foreseeable time the case is.


As soon one formal agreement is – that's just here once one member consultation at beide sides heeft occurred in the coming weeks - on the contract catering-/hospitality collective labor agreement, the wage increases will be increased by retroactive power implemented in line with the reached negotiation result. The details volgen zo quickly possible.


Want to question of comment have about this message, you can contact the advocate Emanuel Geurts about this mail via and / or telephone to achieve via 06-5252 2074. Do you have a others question of need at in person advice, please contact our Service Center at of telephone via 0345-851 963. We advise you je keen to!

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