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DAS: Social Plan

Monday, November 22, 2021, we had a meeting with HR about the social plan that expires at the end of this year. Below is an explanation of this conversation and the question of how you view the social plan?


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During the conversation it was discussed that the social plan has functioned as a safety net during the various reorganisations at DAS over the past three years. HR expects to remain in transition in the coming years without having concrete reorganization plans now. In that respect, a social plan has added value. The question is whether this should be there now or should it come at that time?

HR reported that the current social plan is still based on the Work and Security Act (WWZ) and that the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) has been in effect since 2020. The transition payment in the WAB is considerably lower than in the WWZ. HR indicated that it is impossible for DAS to continue the WWZ as a basis in a new social plan. This means that any new social plan is not a continuation of the level of the current social plan.


The question to our members is how they view the current social plan. What was good about it and what could be improved? In December 2021 we have planned two consultations about a possible new social plan. Before we start having those conversations, we would like to know from our members whether they believe that a new social plan should be drawn up. They received a mailing for this on 24 November 2021.


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