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Achmea: CLA

The negotiations for the collective labor agreement were completed on Thursday 19 December 2019. Unfortunately, this has not resulted in a collective labor agreement, which De Unie proudly present to members. There is a set of agreements of which the executives of De Unie can do nothing but submit this to the members with a negative advice.

We believe that the legitimate concerns and objections of Achmea employees regarding the 34-hour working week have not been properly listened to. In addition, the salary increase in 2020 is only 1%, this will not be enough to keep up with inflation and rising prices.

There are also parts that we are satisfied with. The full set of agreements is here. to read. De Uniemembers will soon receive an overview with the advice of De Unie on every part of the agreements. Keep an eye on the email for the next few days.

Meanwhile have de Uniemembers receive an invitation to vote. The members determine whether we convert this result into a collective labor agreement.


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