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Insurance companies: update

November 17 2023

In this message we inform you about the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement for Insurance Companies.

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CLA negotiations

Our expectation was that we would get the 3e negotiations round were going to start, but it turned out to be a day of further orientation on collective labor agreement topics and pensions. For example, we discussed part-timers and public holidays (compensation), vitality scheme, use of temporary workers in structural work, use of the RVU scheme, 30-hour working week, information about wage differences and representation in management, additional and overtime, contribution for international trade union work and European guidelines . Trade unions or employers have provided more information on these topics about what is meant and/or what is already being done in the sector.


The number of employees who use the RVU scheme was determined at Ansvar, Univé, DAS, ARAG, De Goudse, Allianz and HDI Global. All together, there are several dozen employees who make use of the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU). It is good for both employees and employers that this arrangement is included in the collective labor agreement.

Additional/overtime work

There is now a difference in the collective labor agreement if you work more than your contract hours as a part-time or full-time worker. Employers have proposed merging the definitions to include only additional work. They also want to reform the overtime compensation in a budget-neutral way by reducing the hours for which compensation is provided but increasing the value of the compensation.

Vitality regulation

Employers do not want to change the amount or duration of the vitality scheme. They want more clarity in advance about the future contribution to the employee's vitality. They also propose that the scheme cannot be combined with maternity leave, maternity leave, full or partial parental leave or long-term care leave. Finally, the group to which the scheme can apply in connection with project-based work has been adjusted in their proposal to a maximum of 1/7th of the employees, per department, team and/or partnership.


As in all previous negotiations, we also discussed pensions. The joint advisors took us through examples (standard people) of the various proposals. This allows us to better estimate what our proposals can mean for the participants. The franchise and the maximum pensionable income for 2024 were also discussed. According to the collective labor agreement, these will be increased annually by the collective labor agreement wage development over the previous calendar year. The amount of the AOW benefit for 2024 is relevant for the offset and maximum pensionable income for 2024. The amount of the AOW benefit for 2024 is expected to be announced in mid-December. The collective labor agreement parties will then examine the effect on the collective labor agreement and are expected to inform the sector about this in the second half of December.

4th round

On Friday, November 24, we will actually start negotiating. Employers and trade unions then make concrete proposals to each other based on what has been further explained in recent consultations. Then wages, pension, additional and overtime work and the vitality scheme will certainly be back on the table.


You can reach the representative Emanuel Geurts by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. Do you have an individual question or do you need advice? Please contact our Service Center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!

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