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Insurance companies: An update

November 29 2023

In this message we inform you about collective labor agreement negotiations for insurance companies.

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4e round of collective labor agreements

The previous negotiation days were all about gathering additional information about topics included in the proposal letters. On Friday, November 24, 2023, trade unions and employers finally negotiated the new collective labor agreement for Insurance Companies for the first time.


Employers have made a small move in their wage offers. They are now proposing 5% in combination with a collective labor agreement for 12 months. This is an increase of 1% from their original stake. Trade unions have formulated a joint commitment with an increase of 12% for a collective labor agreement of 15 months. That's quite a difference!

In addition to wages, we discussed topics such as sustainable employability, leave and diversity. Here too, joint steps still need to be taken to arrive at a new collective labor agreement. Considerable progress has been made on a number of other matters. We have made agreements about simplifying additional and overtime work, clarifying the vitality scheme and continuing the current RVU scheme as long as it is fiscally facilitated.


Employers want freedom of choice in terms of pension scheme. They aim for 70% average salary in 40 accrual years with a flat premium of 18% of the pension basis and a maximum employee contribution of 3,5% (total 21,5%). They propose 30% of the salary for the partner's pension and 10% for orphan's pension.

For the trade unions, free choice in the scheme depends on all pension elements. We have formulated an ambition of 75% in 40 accrual years with a flat premium of 25% including maximum personal contributions of 3,5%. We aim for 35% for partner's pension and at least 14% for orphan's pension. We also think it is very important that - if there is no employee participation at a company - individual employees receive advice about the new scheme at the employer's expense. The actuarial interest rate with which we calculate everything also largely determines the results. We still have some steps to take on the subject of pensions to reach good agreements.

What do you think?

The efforts have been made concrete in a number of areas, but the differences are still large. We are curious what you think? The feedback helps us to reach good agreements. We will continue the conversation on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Despite the fact that the discussions are being held in a good mutual atmosphere, there is still some way to go to arrive at a new collective labor agreement.


You can reach the representative Emanuel Geurts by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. Do you have an individual question or do you need advice? Please contact our Service Center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!

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