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Retail Non Food: Collective Labor Agreement

December 14 2023

Last week we informed you that unfortunately more than 2 months of informal consultation with employers did not result in a collective labor agreement. The unions and employers had chosen this together, because according to employers, things are going very difficult for various companies in the sector. De Unie believes that you as an employee should receive a good pay increase. If this informal consultation had led to a result, this would also have been submitted to the members for a vote.   

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Now that the informal consultation has yielded nothing, De Unie with collective labor agreement proposals to start the formal collective labor agreement process. This will now start in mid-January 2024. De Unie has the following proposals.

Term collective labor agreement

De Unie prefers a one-year collective labor agreement.


We want to continue the system of collective labor agreement increases that they increase along with the increase in the statutory minimum wage. We want to increase the pay scales with the two increases of 3,75% (indexation) and 5,6% (increase of minimum hourly wage) for 2024.


De Unie has been discussing the abolition of the cut with employers for years. Time and time again we have not achieved any results. Employers in the sector certainly do not all apply the cut, but do not want to get rid of the system. De Unie now wants to expand the wage structure with a number of scales so that more people can receive a structural wage increase.

Travel allowance

De Unie wants to introduce a travel allowance within Retail. The direction of thinking here is to reimburse the fiscal maximum per kilometer.

Weekend off

De Unie wants employees to be able to have a weekend off once a month.

May 5 recognized holiday

De Unie would like to include May 5 as a recognized holiday in the collective labor agreement. We think it is important that people can reflect on the importance of freedom. At the same time, we understand that the industry must remain open.


De Unie has focused heavily on wages. We think this is important right now. Members can respond until  no later than 22 December to Victor Kloos (advocate) via email

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