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New retail pension scheme

February 16 2024

The Future Pensions Act (WTP) came into effect on July 1, 2023. This means that we must adapt the retail pension scheme to the requirements of the new legislation. Consultations have been held on this subject over the past two years. 

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De Unie closely involves the members in this decision-making. Just like with collective labor agreements De Unie the new pension scheme for members. They ultimately determine whether the pension scheme will be adopted or whether the parties will have to repeat their work.

Not everyone is well versed in pensions. In order to give everyone the opportunity to cast an informed vote, I would therefore like to provide some information about the choices that social partners have made in Retail.

These are the main points of the negotiation outcome:

Choosing the solidarity premium scheme

After careful consideration, the social partners opted for the solidarity premium scheme. They opted for the solidarity premium scheme because it best suits the participants (based on the results of the participant survey) and the wishes of the social partners. In the new pension scheme we agree on a fixed premium. You use that premium to build up your own pension assets. That pension capital can rise faster when the economy is doing well, but can also fall faster when the economy is doing poorly.

We choose to sail in. What is entering?

Entering is a new concept. This means that the accrued pensions (the entire assets managed by the pension fund) will be transferred to the new scheme.

Because the WTP only allows premium schemes, this means that the collective pension assets are converted into personal pension assets. Each participant will soon have his own pension assets.

In the current pension scheme, pension funds are legally obliged to maintain large buffers. This no longer applies in the new pension legislation. In theory, the money that is no longer needed for the buffer is released and can be distributed.

The implementation costs are also lower if sailing takes place. Only one scheme needs to be implemented and not two.


The future pension premium amounts to 24,75% of the pension basis.

Survivor's pension

A lifelong partner's pension of 25% of the salary has been agreed.

A temporary partner's pension has also been agreed of € 10.000 per year as long as the partner does not yet receive an AOW pension. This only takes effect when there is no statutory survivor benefit in accordance with social security.

Legal framework

Collective labor agreement parties do not have to reinvent the wheel themselves. The WTP provides many regulations, the regulator (DNB) has provided a manual and we can learn from the pension funds that are already further along in the process.


If you have any questions about the pension negotiation result, please contact De Unie. We opt for a personal approach when it comes to pensions. You can contact one of our pension experts for this. If you have a pension question or need advice, please contact our pension expert John Eggen or by telephone on 06 3165 2124.


If you are a member member of De Unie may participate in the decision-making process. But if you are not a member and become a member now, you can also help decide on the follow-up process. It is also important to inform your colleagues about their membership De Unie. Therefore, please forward this newsletter to your colleagues. Everyone can do it here sign up for membership.

Voting until Wednesday February 28, 2024

De Unie presents this result to the members with a positive advice. Our members can cast their votes until Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

Yours faithfully,

Victor Klaus


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