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In-retail: Collective Labor Agreement process

October 24, 2023
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Trade unions and employers opt for a different collective labor agreement process. Employers and trade unions have started the process that should lead to a new Retail Non-Food collective labor agreement as of January 1, 2024.

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In collective labor agreement negotiations, it is customary for parties to submit proposal letters. However, employers and trade unions have chosen to shape this process through co-creation. This means that negotiations do not take place based on positions taken in advance, but that solutions are sought together that all parties can agree on. The reason why parties have chosen this form is the enormous increase in the statutory minimum wage in 2023 and 2024 and its impact on the wage structure in the collective labor agreement. This increase leads to a wage cost increase of almost 25% in 2 years.

Because employers and trade unions are committed to maintaining a collective labor agreement, constructive, solution-oriented consultation will take place in the coming period. The emphasis is on the topics 'wage, wage structure and cut' and 'IOB'.

The parties will continue informal discussions on November 16; the formal process therefore shifts somewhat backwards.

Examination of the cut

The collective labor agreement has a so-called 'cut' whereby structural wage increases agreed in the collective labor agreement do not have to be granted to employees in the collective labor agreement process. It was agreed that research would be conducted among companies to determine how this is applied in practice.

79% of the companies did give the employees mentioned an increase. 65% of these were awarded the full collective labor agreement wage increase. 85% of companies want the cut to continue.

Questions or tips about the collective labor agreement process?

If you have any questions or tips about the collective labor agreement process, email the representative Victor Kloos by email


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