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GKN Fokker: New PDP scheme

December 01 2023

A few years ago, GKN Fokker adjusted the PDP scheme. The PDP scheme is GKN Fokker's assessment system. From then on, the employer used a 5-point scale instead of a 3-point scale for assessments. GKN Fokker now wants to return to a 3-point scale.

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Can GKN Fokker simply adjust the assessment system?

No, the employer cannot simply adjust the assessment system. To this end, he must consult with the works council. The COR assesses the usefulness and necessity of changing the assessment system.

When it comes to the reward steps linked to the assessment system, the trade unions come into the picture. After all, it is about reward. The employer has therefore entered into consultations with De Unie and its fellow unions about this.

Result of consultations with trade unions

The conversations with De Unie and its fellow unions were experiencing difficulties. Now the reward percentages in the PDP system range from 0% to 4,25%. The employer's proposal is to adjust the percentages to 1% for the assessment “Improvement needed”, to 2,25% for a “Good performance” and to 3,25% for an “Exceptional contribution”.

De Unie and its fellow unions have aimed for a higher reward for good performance and exceptional contribution. This has led to GKN Fokker adding the option of a one-off reward if you are already in your extension period. But we didn't get any further together.

We naturally find that disappointing. On the other hand, the proposal that GKN Fokker is now putting on the table largely corresponds to what the remuneration steps looked like before 2020.

Voting on the final bid

Because we have not come closer to each other, GKN Fokker has submitted a final offer to us. This means that we cannot negotiate further about it.

The members have received an invitation to vote on this final offer until Sunday, December 10, 2023. We present this final offer to the members with a neutral advice.

You can read the employer's final offer here read. Read which assessment category you fall under here.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact the representative Hans Korver via or on 06-5252 2073.

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