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Breeder: Regular consultation and arrangement book signed

July 19, 2023

The members of De Unie and the majority of the other trade unions have approved the new scheme book (Navigator) for Fokker Techniek and Fokker Services. We had a textual addition last week. This has now been implemented in the Navigator. On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, we signed the new Navigator.

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Regular consultation

A few times a year we sit down with the fellow unions with the employer for a regular consultation. In that meeting we discuss the state of affairs of the Fokker Services Group (FSG) and we discuss special points that we or the employer bring to the table. On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, we had a regular meeting.

We had one special item on the agenda. Namely the final version of the regulations book, the Navigator. Once we established that FSG had fully adopted our last text proposal, we were able to sign the Navigator.

Roland van Dijk's business update gave us a good feeling. Roland has gone through all parts of FSG. Our conclusion is that FSG is doing quite well. Sales and profit are good. FSG is also able to continue to invest in the company. Fortunately, these are very different sounds than a few years ago.

In addition, we have extensively discussed the many vacancies that are still open, the recruitment of new personnel and the contacts of FSG with schools to get young people interested in an internship or job at FSG. We exchanged some ideas for further recruiting new employees.

Roland also told us about the recent employee engagement survey. The results of this are not yet known. We will discuss those results in our next regular meeting.

After this next regular consultation has taken place, we will inform the members again.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact the representative Hans Korver via or call 06-5252 2073.

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