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GKN Fokker Elmo: Result of voting relocation scheme

May 18, 2022

The result of the vote among the members of De Unie about the relocation scheme is known. Unfortunately, few members voted. But the result of the vote is clear. A large majority did not agree with the relocation scheme.

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Next step?

The members of the other trade unions, FNV, CNV Vakmensen and VHP2, have agreed with the relocation scheme by a large majority. This means that the relocation scheme will come into effect.

De Unie will not sign the relocation arrangement. I have made the objections of our members known to GKN Fokker. The objections can be summarized in three main points:

  1. the planning for the relocation of the parts in Helmond is not clear;
  2. the regulations regarding mandatory working from home are not in agreement;
  3. the transfer arrangement is meager, especially the effects of stopping a number of arrangements after 3 or 5 years are heavy on the stomach for a number of members.

Now that the members of the other three unions have agreed to the relocation scheme, GKN Fokker has sufficient reason to make final arrangements with FNV, CNV Vakmensen and VHP2. Your employer will inform you exactly when the relocation scheme will come into force.

Despite the fact that we do not sign the relocation arrangement, we remain a discussion partner at GKN Fokker.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments? Please contact the representative Hans Korver by e-mail and on 06-5252 2073.



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