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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight: Pension interview December 2022

December 02 2022

In this message we inform you about the discussions to arrive at a new pension scheme for the hotel and catering industry, contract catering, hospitality and inflight.

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On Thursday 1 December, we discussed the results of the risk preference survey among the participants and the resulting risk attitude, the investment policy to be pursued, the projection and protective returns to be used, allocation rules to groups of participants and the cost reserve with the pension fund board. Sometimes very technical things that we have to deal with. The new pension law aims to make pensions more transparent for participants. Every now and then we get the feeling that this isn't going to be so easy.

Subsequently, the social partners discussed the size of the solidarity reserve, the micro and macro longevity risk, the age of accession and the commencement of existing pension rights. The size of the solidarity reserve largely depends on the risks you take in the fund's investment policy. If you take little risk, you have little return, but also little risk for which you have to create a reserve and, of course, the other way around. The size of the solidarity reserve also depends on the extent to which you want to guarantee participants' benefits in a fixed amount. Partly on the basis of the recent survey among participants, we assume the existing neutral investment profile of the pension fund.

Meanwhile, the 2e The House is in discussion with the Cabinet about the many questions and answers surrounding the bill and there is still no clarity about what to do next. The Parameters Committee has announced a new set of parameters that pension funds and pension insurers must take into account. This means that the calculation models we use to make choices for participants in the new pension scheme must also be adjusted. They are not spectacular changes, but we do want to know what they mean for our assumptions. The WTW advisor who supports the social partners in the calculations (models and scenarios) will get to work with this.

We have a schedule for 2023 in which we have made clear the steps to be taken in our process. This planning does not yet include the decision-making process in which we will present the new pension scheme to the various constituencies. The pension fund also has its own decision-making process to go before everything goes to the supervisory authority DNB. These decision-making processes will be added. This will be in the third quarter of 2023.


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