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Aegon: Relocation of Aegon (AEN) and Asset Management (AAM) to Schiphol as of 2025

October 16, 2023

The move of Aegon (AEN) and Asset Management (AAM) to Schiphol as of 2025.

It was already clear that the employees of Aegon and Asset Management would move to another building. It was unclear whether both parts would remain together in one building and where the new location would be. Logically this would be on the line The Hague – Amsterdam. So it became Schiphol WTC. This can mean a reduction in travel time for employees, but it can also mean an increase in travel time. We can imagine that there are questions about the social plan; we share the texts of the social plan in it NL of ENG that applies to Aen.

After the announcement it is up to the participation bodies to issue advice on this. employees can participate in the internal Q&A sessions organized about the move. On Thursday, November 30, there will be a first periodic consultation between HR AEN and the trade unions. Then the move will certainly be one of the items back on the agenda. We welcome questions, comments and points to bring to the consultation. After the consultation, feedback will be provided to our members.


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