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Contract catering: Congress Future for catering: Moving forward together!

With this newsletter I, advocate Emanuel Geurts, inform you about a conference on the future of catering entitled Together ahead! There is, after all, plenty to exchange ideas about.


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Contract catering sector

Partly due to the corona crisis, the catering sector is having a hard time and many catering employees have now left the sector. They have been forced to leave through reorganisations or have found another job themselves. The future of the sector is under pressure more than ever. Is working from home a keeper and how can competition from other sectors be tackled? What should the sector look like and what will it take to realize this? To get answers to this, organize vakbondand employers together at a conference Tuesday, November 9 with the title: 'Future of catering: Moving forward together!

When, where and what time?

The conference will take place on Tuesday, November 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. You will receive coffee/tea, lunch and drinks afterwards. Participation is free and any travel and parking costs will be reimbursed. You can request paid leave for this from your employer.

Talking about the future

We invite employees, employers and clients to discuss the future with each other during the conference. By looking for common interests, we can look forward to a future-proof catering sector. Because it is an uncertain time for employees in the catering industry.

That is why we want to focus on questions such as:

  • How do you ensure that you as an employee can (continue to) earn a good living and how do you stay healthy at work until you retire?
  • How do you see the future of the sector and what do you think is important for your future?
  • What career advancements and career opportunities would you like to see in the industry?
  • For example, are you willing to work at other times and locations and what is needed to achieve this in a good way?

We will discuss this together. Several speakers from the sector will also have their say. You will also be inspired during this congress with practical examples of rethinking. For example, about new catering concepts that make the traditional company restaurant disappear. In addition, there is of course plenty of time to network with your colleagues and there is a delicious lunch and drinks on the menu.

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