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Professional freight transport: Standard character of this time?

Summertime is in full swing. This is the time when we look ahead to the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations for professional freight transport. In a series of small articles we poll your opinion on certain topics. Did you miss the previous topics or do you want to read them again? Click here!

Cao standard or minimum what is the difference and is this of this time?

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I am regularly asked by our members whether it is true what the boss claims, that he is not allowed to pay higher wages because the collective labor agreement forbids this. The answer is, yes it is.

Article 1 of our collective labor agreement states that the agreements in the collective labor agreement are of a standard nature. This means that it is not allowed to deviate to the detriment of the employee, but also not to the benefit of the employee.

There are not many collective agreements with a standard character, most have a minimum character. The big difference is that with a minimum collective labor agreement you may deviate from the collective labor agreement to the advantage of the employee, but (fortunately) not to the detriment.

Why are there standard provisions at all? Standard agreements are usually intended to prevent competition on employment conditions between employers. So with the intention that you do not defect to another boss, because you can earn more there, for example. Your boss is already busy enough with all sorts of things and doesn't want to keep having to argue with employees about the amount of their wages. Employers want peace of mind in this area.

I'm curious what you think. Should we maintain the standard character, or should we propose to change the character of the collective labor agreement into a minimum collective agreement.


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