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Negotiation result of the collective labor agreement for the Golf Industry reached

In recent months, we have had good discussions with employers in the Golf sector about a new collective labor agreement. A new collective labor agreement for a collective labor agreement that had of course expired far too long. But let's not talk too much about the past, but look ahead.

From De Unie the basis of the conversations was the outcome of the survey among all employees. There were our introduce also based on.
There is now a result reached.

It turned out that in addition to a good salary increase, there was of course also a need for other things. However, it soon became apparent that it was quite difficult to make concrete agreements about this. Many matters have to be properly investigated and where necessary also with the involvement of (external) experts. This would mean that it would take (even) longer to come to a new collective labor agreement.
It has therefore been decided to double the budget for the social fund in addition to the wage agreement of a total of 7%. From this social fund we can then further investigate, elaborate and finance other subjects (such as vitality & sustainable employability, market conformity of the wage structure, growth in the scales, training and development, pension, etc.) in the coming CLA period. This is in preparation for the next collective labor agreement discussions.

In addition, this collective labor agreement makes a clear recommendation (including an example scheme) to arrive at a reasonable reimbursement of travel expenses.

De Unie hopes that the result of this collective labor agreement will provide a new foundation for the collective labor agreement. A collective labor agreement for – and by all employees in the sector. We want to continue investing in this in the coming years. Together with you!

From August 3 to August 25, all employees in the sector have the opportunity to express their opinion about this result. If a majority of employees agree with the result, then De Unie Sign this collective labor agreement and we will make further efforts in the coming period – in preparation for the new collective labor agreement discussions at the end of 2023 – to further build the golf sector collective labor agreement.

So don't forget to vote if you receive an invitation to do so!

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Huug Brinkers
Senior Advocate

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