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Cao consultation VGZ 10 May 2021

On May 10, 2021 De Unie discussed your collective labor agreement with VGZ. The atmosphere of the consultation is business-like and goal-oriented. We have made good progress.

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The following topics were on the agenda:

  • Job security
  • Personal development
  • Collective pay rise
  • Further discussing topics from the previous meeting

Job security

This topic is through De Unie, put on the agenda at the request of several members. Your employer indicates that VGZ will also ask employees to continue to develop in the future because the technical possibilities continue to change and improve at a rapid pace. Starting point of De Unie is that companies can do more to enable employees to grow with their position. We have adjusted the social plan accordingly. In the collective labor agreement, we also want to broaden the options for continuing to monitor your job if it changes, or for growing to another job.

Together with VGZ, we have defined four knowledge areas that will be important to VGZ in the coming years. If you study in one of these fields, you will probably remain an interesting employee for VGZ in the coming years. De Unie also negotiates with other health insurers and companies in the financial sector. The same areas of knowledge or competences are also mentioned by these other companies. So it is an investment in yourself that is not in vain.

It concerns the knowledge areas:

  • Digital fitness
  • Cybersecurity / Privacy
  • Stakeholder management
  • Control work processes (“Internal control”)

De Unie wants to make agreements in these collective bargaining negotiations that give you access to relevant training courses.

Personal development

The agreements on personal development will De Unie link to the subject of job security. But of course we continue to attach importance to employee freedom of choice.

You can best work on your personal development if it suits your stage of life and in a direction that interests you.

Collective pay rise

De Unie has proposed to increase salaries by 3%. Your employer says that it takes into account the collective salary increase that has already been granted on January 1, 2021 (1,25%). In addition, VGZ calculates with an inflation level of 1,2%. This is calculated on the basis of the consumer price index (CPI). While this is a common measure, the CPI has become less relevant in recent times. However, your expenses also increase due to, for example: higher taxes, higher housing costs and higher energy bills. These cost increases are not included in the CPI. With a collective salary increase of 1,2%, you could still lose net income.

Other subjects

Hybrid working, Right to inaccessibility and Stimulating healthy behavior have been discussed again. These are subjects on which we are increasingly able to find each other.

Next consultation

The next collective bargaining meeting will be on Tuesday 25 May 2021. We will then discuss some of the topics that have not been discussed before.


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