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Are you free on May 5?

May 02, 2023

Why is there uncertainty every year whether you are free on May 5? Because May 5 is a national holiday, but not automatically a day off. De Unie believes that May 5 should always be a day off.

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5 May

On May 5, we in the Netherlands celebrate the liberation of our country from the German occupier. On May 5th we commemorate the end of the Second World War.  De Unie believes it is of national importance that all Dutch people are free on liberation day. On May 5th we celebrate our freedom and think of all the people in the world who are not free.

What says the government about May 5?

There is not law that stipulates that Holidays free day are about this employees. This stands for that there not legal Law on a free day in one particular Bank holiday exists. In collective labor agreements – or in the working conditions from Staff members make around not collective labor agreements apply – is included of Staff members free are op Holidays. Since appointments in collective labor agreements accomplished com in negotiation between Commitment partners, is it theirs authority om here appointments about to to make. If Commitment partners it important how we can help your that May 5 a free day is, can not be purchased (At moeten) so she to the collective labor agreement table will. having regard op this own authority, is the cannot to the kabinet Building steps in the considerations the Commitment partners to make to a from May 5th mandatory free day to to make.

De Unie

As said to go Commitment partners about it all then cannot point out from nationale en recognized Holidays as a mandatory free day. This stands for that it kabinet even if it's May 5th Liberation does not designate as one mandatory free day. This will really have to be arranged in your collective labor agreement. De Unie want to go for this!




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