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Why a workation is (not) something for you

March 12 2024
Why workation

Working at the office is no longer self-evident, we are now very used to working remotely. We usually do that at home. But if you're not going to the office, why not open your laptop completely somewhere else? At a beautiful, sunny holiday destination, for example. Some people already do it, work and holiday at the same time. It even has a name: workation. Is it something for you? We list the main pros and cons.

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Why you should go with workation

Working productively, but with a holiday feeling
Part of what makes vacations so great is that you can leave those daily routines at home. No housework and shopping for a while. During a workation this can provide good focus, making the hours you work more effective than at home. Moreover, new incentives often provide fresh ideas and extra motivation. And have you lost your concentration for a while? Then why not take a dip in the pool, read a book on the beach or take a walk in the sun to recharge?

It won't cost you vacation days
No matter how many days off you have, there are hardly ever enough. Good news: a workation does not cost you any vacation days at all. This way you can experience that wonderful holiday feeling much more often. And do you still want to be there for a few days without work? Then you just take vacation days there - in which you don't have to travel or catch up on the flight, so you can fully enjoy!

Not just for digital nomads
For a long time, workation was reserved for digital nomads: young people who traveled around the world with nothing more than a backpack and laptop and did their work from the most beautiful places. Those times have changed. The rise of home and hybrid working makes it possible for many more people to go on workation. Please keep in mind that you must make clear agreements with your employer about your workplace and accessibility.

Why a workation might be less suitable for you

Disturbed work-life balance
As nice as it sounds to work at a holiday destination: even during your workation you just have to work full days and be easily accessible. That is no different than in the Netherlands. So it remains necessary to work hard on a healthy work-life balance – which is perhaps even more difficult, because you naturally like to chase the holiday feeling as much as possible. 

Not all the comforts of home
On vacation you simply have less of your own stuff than at home. For example, it is possible that you have to do without your super-fast internet connection, good desk, ergonomic office chair and silence from home.

Workation costs money
In addition, keep in mind that your workation costs money. Your accommodation, food, drink: it's not all for free – especially if your mortgage or rent in the Netherlands also continues. Your employer is not obliged to reimburse these costs.

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More information

Would you also like to discuss the pros and cons of workation in your situation? Or would you like advice on discussing your workation wishes with your employer? Please feel free to contact us. Our Service Center can be reached every working day from 8.30:17.00 AM to 0345:851 PM via and 963 XNUMX XNUMX.

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