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Sick during holiday? You must do this

March 13 2024
sick during vacation

Worked hard, now it's finally time for vacation. Recover, enjoy and… get sick! This is of course even worse than usual during your hard-earned days off. You can hardly or hardly enjoy your holiday. Moreover, if you don't handle it properly, you can even lose your days of leave. How do you prevent that? We explain.

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Report sick immediately

If you become ill while on holiday, report this to your employer immediately. Do this the same way as always; the absenteeism regulations or employee manual often state how to do this. For example, you often have to report sick before a certain time or to a specific person. If you are unable to contact us yourself, someone else can do it for you. Your employer may ask you for a doctor's note.

Have you recovered? Report this immediately to your employer. You may receive a call from the company doctor when you return.

Back home?

If you become ill at your holiday address, you do not have to return home if this is not medically possible or responsible. It is more important that you get better quickly. In any case, visit a doctor as soon as possible. This must confirm that you are ill and, if necessary, declare that you cannot yet travel. If you can only recover at home, it is better to go home. Discuss this again with the doctor.

Stay accessible

Wherever you recover, make sure you remain accessible. Therefore, if necessary, inform your employer of your holiday or nursing address and ask your doctor for an official doctor's note. This should include, for example, what the doctor recommends and how long your expected duration of illness is. Such a statement can serve as evidence and is useful to avoid ambiguities afterwards. You are not obliged to share medical data with your employer.

What happens to my vacation days?

If you immediately report sick to your employer, your employer may not deduct any vacation days for the days that you are sick. This way you can relax in peace. That is why it is extra important to report sick immediately. But please note: do you agree to take days of leave during your holiday illness, or have you already reported partially sick before you went on holiday? Then your vacation days sometimes continue as planned. To be sure, check what your employment contract or collective labor agreement says about this, as different rules sometimes apply.

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First aid in case of illness on holiday

Have you complied with the above rules and regulations, but does your employer still withhold vacation days? Please contact our legal advisors immediately! Our Service Center is available every working day from 8.30:17.00 AM to 0345:851 PM via and 963 XNUMX XNUMX.


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