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Sitech Services – Collective Labor Agreement 2023-2024 addendum to negotiation result

20 September 2023

45% of the members of De Unie heeft  de trouble taken om herself out to to speak about the negotiation result collective labor agreement 2023-2024. As one of the January justly has noted: it process verdienter certainly cannot de beauty prize.

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Overtime C39 to C42

Independently of others appointments was the overtime agreement about this C39 to C41 about this some a breaking point. While de negotiations is with not word mentioned about the possibly cancelled of a time-by-time possibility. time-by-time possibility so it is still there. That's done Sitech in a mededeling to the personeel yet confirmed.

beside there will be one possibility are Building choose about this the businesses pay out of overtime immediately allowance of 50%. Beide choices stay so possible. It is the employer from importance de presence from personeel op this way te enlarge, hence that there not allowance shall are at a keuze about this time-by-time. The proposal of De Unie was a allowance from 19:00 PM. That heeft Sitech nu translated to a allowance from the 3rd hour (see Addendum). If De Unie also at this point improvements wishes then that will be the case next negotiations to the order moeten com.

De structural elevation of salaries in C42 and higher

What cannot January herself have realized (having on the asked questions that have been stated) is that the structural elevation of C42 and higher a discretionary authority of employer is. In the chapter Reward stayed about that namely the next in the collective agreement:

De function of collaborator is based on job evaluation classified in one of the job groups C32 to C41 with the corresponding salary scale. Each salary scale exists from a minimum and a maximum scale salary. This chapter applies about this de functions in the salary scales C32 to C41. For de functions in the salary scales C42 to C44 states de employer the salary stuck.

If we use the scope on this point to wish out to expand then that will happen too next negotiations to the order posed moeten Worden. It to strive remains always to a unanimously judgment of January te to get† That smell certainly cannot always and then the majority of votes determinative. Finally heeft a majority from our January IN FRONT OF voted.

It is good Building share given by involvement large is. Questions is certainly cannot always also to getIndoor a year start Alweer de negotiations about this the 2025 collective labor agreement.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please send an email to the representative, John Kapteijn, at

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