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NN Group: Members De Unie support the draft proposal letter

15 September 2023

A large majority of members responded positively to the draft proposal letter De Unie. “A good start for the collective labor agreement consultation, a balanced proposal and the members were listened to carefully.” These are some examples of the positive reactions from members.

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Suggestions from members

But there were also many suggestions from members for additional proposals.

The three most frequently mentioned topics were:

  • Cost reimbursements
  • Generation scheme
  • Workload

In addition, I have also received many examples and comments with which I can use the proposals De Unie can be tightened during the collective labor agreement consultation. The response forms often state that the collective labor agreement negotiations must quickly provide clarity, especially with regard to the wage increase.

Cost reimbursements

NN has various cost reimbursements that are set nominally. Not only mileage allowance for commuting and business trips, but also, for example, the home workplace allowance, the internet allowance and the expense allowance. Now that everything has become more expensive due to high inflation, these compensations are no longer sufficient. Many members draw attention to increasing cost reimbursements and an indexation agreement.

Generation scheme

NN points out to customers the importance of the generation pact. This is a scheme in which older employees, if they choose, will work less in exchange for sacrificing a limited part of their salary. 80-90-100 is a common elaboration of this idea. 80% work, 90% salary and 100% pension accrual. The logical conclusion of members is then: what NN considers good for its customers, the organization should certainly also offer to its own employees.


The high workload is often mentioned as an important point of attention. The causes of high work pressure are often cited as: too few staff and bureaucracy.

How further

The collective labor agreement parties have agreed that we will make the proposal letters public on Thursday, September 21, 2023 in the afternoon. You can receive the proposal letter from De Unie on that day from 13.30:XNUMX p.m our website find. The first collective labor agreement meeting will take place on September 26.

Free career path

De Unie does not only stand up for your interests during collective labor agreement negotiations. We also help members with professional advice in the context of their personal development and career. This is possible in consultation De Unie offering its members a free career path (limited number).


Do you have any further questions regarding this message? Please contact Inge de Vries (representative). This can be done by sending an email to:

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