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Collective Labor Agreement Banks: Results of member consultation De Unie is positive

April 02, 2024

The members of De Unie The majority have approved the adjustments to the minimum pension scheme of the Collective Labor Agreement for Banks. Thank you to the members who cast their votes. Retirees and members who are no longer active in this sector also agreed with the outcome of the negotiations. The employers' association has now been informed about this result.

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Next steps

With these agreements, the affiliated banks that save pensions in a pension fund can start negotiations with the employee participation body. Pension funds must submit a transition plan to the supervisory authority (DNB) by December 31, 2024. At most banks, pension accrual is placed with an insurer or a PPI (Premium Pension Institution). For these pensions, a different period applies to adapt the scheme to the new pension legislation (Wtp). For these pension schemes, parties must adapt the scheme to the Wtp by December 31, 2028 at the latest.

Advice and support for members De Unie

Members of De Unie can of course call on us. For example, you can at De Unie if you have any questions about your pension scheme or about the negotiations to arrive at a new pension scheme. If the pension scheme is substantively changed, this often requires the participant's consent. If you are asked this question, please contact De Unie on. We can check whether your interests have been sufficiently taken into account when changing the scheme.

Advice and support for works councils

Works councils can also rely on this De Unie for advice and support in the negotiations on the new pension scheme. Our organization has a lot of knowledge and experience on this subject. And it goes without saying that we know better than anyone what the minimum pension scheme is intended by the parties.


Do you have questions about this message? Or do you have questions about your pension? Please contact us by sending an email to:


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