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General Banks: Report on consultation of minimum pension scheme collective labor agreement for Banks

March 01 2024

Op 27 February 2024 is here collective labor agreement been between De Unie and the Banks Employers' Association. We spoke about the adjustment of the minimum pension plan in the collective agreement.


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Purpose from the consultation

By the introduction of the law future pensions (Wtp) it is necessary around pension plans to fit. This happens op corporate level. Each of the plugged in couches heeft a own pension plan. The consultation over this pension plan is lined between de employer and OR, PvT or employee meeting. the collective agreement must a framework about this dit local consultation offer. The purpose of the consultation is that De Unie nu performs is:

  • A minimum pension plan te offer, above which even moss is to company specific appointments te to make.
  • The employees and participation Inform about the Wtp and what this about this have an updated pension consultation can mean.
  • Facilities offer so that de Staff members en participation experts can not be purchased consult.


The meeting of 27 February was slutty. Understanding the parties each other nu better. In the consultation about the minimum level to make we steps to each other toe.  From de employers is there willingness to join thinking and along working to the information which we provide to the Staff members want to provide. Discussions about facilitating employees are becoming more difficult.

Next consultation

There is a follow-up consultation planned op Friday 8 March 2024. The members receive, as usual, after consultation a report of De Unie.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please contact the representative Inge de Vries at

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