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Aegon and asr: The result of the vote

July 17, 2023

In this report we inform you about the result of the vote on the agreement reached with regard to the harmonization of the employment conditions of Aegon and asr

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Voting result

The voting period ran until 14 noon on Friday 2023 July 12.00, after which the votes cast by the members of De Unie have been counted. The result was that 52% of the votes were in favor of the agreement, 45% against it and 3% gave a neutral vote. A motivation was given for most votes. Those who vote in favor see it as a balanced package. The subjects mentioned in the negative vote were the 50% collective labor agreement indexation at the end of the scale until the scale of asr exceeds it, the social plan of asr that will apply after 1 July 2024 and the lower travel allowance.


Since the majority of members of the other trade unions have also agreed, the agreement reached can be processed in the HR administration of asr during the summer months. After that, the employees will receive a benefit statement in September and will be employed by 1 October 2023. asr If you have any questions about your terms and conditions of employment or their application, take a look at the HR intranet for the most recent Q&A. The list of questions asked and the answers given is updated there periodically.

Membership administration

As a result of the transitions from Aegon NL to asr and from remainco to AEN, there are also changes to be made to our membership system. We will come back to this in a later newsletter to the members.

Questions or remarks

Do you have any questions or comments about the process and/or agreement? Please contact the representative Emanuel Geurts via or 06-5252 2074.

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