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Aegon: agreement – ​​asr transition protocol

June 30, 2023

In this message we inform you about the agreement reached with regard to the harmonization of the employment conditions of Aegon and asr and we ask the paying members to cast their vote on it.

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On February 21, 2023, representatives of the three trade unions, HR and employee participation bodies of both Aegon and asr started the process of harmonizing employment conditions. The ambition was expressed to have the process ready by October 1, 2023 at the latest due to the intended employer merger. In practical terms, this meant that we had to be ready around July 2023 to get everyone neatly and with the right terms of employment into the HR administration with the remaining time. The agreement reached makes this possible under the condition that the members also give their consent.

Solutions differ

Given the fact that Aegon and asr had concluded their deal and the employee participation bodies also facilitated this, we would like to De Unie also make the merger possible under terms of employment. There are many similarities in the packages, but of course also some major differences. Take retirement, for example. Pension is excluded in the Transfer of Companies Act and the difference between the two employers is large. If we did not make an agreement about this, the Aegon employee would pay substantially more employee premium in one go. This is compensated by a better pension scheme, but this only bears fruit later in time as deferred income. Another big difference is the salary. Instead of the freeze intended by employers, we have made agreements about partial collective labor agreement growth and personal growth for the next three years if there is still room in the scale. In addition to an excellent collective labor agreement from asr, these are neat transitional arrangements.

Given that the integration of both companies in the next three years may result in job losses and/or locations being closed, it is good that we have concluded a social plan for the duration of the entire integration. This new social plan is in line with the end of the term of Aegon's current social plan (July 1, 2024) and will run until at least October 2026.

I Agree

The agreement contains even more terms of employment that will continue to apply during the term of the Aegon collective labor agreement until July 1, 2024 or will continue for longer. You can read the full overview of the agreements made about the employment conditions here. The intranet also contains an information package with an interactive brochure about the employment conditions and an extensive Q&A. In September 2023, all employees who transfer will receive a personal benefit statement.

Vote and sequel

Taking everything into consideration, we believe it is a well-defensible agreement and we are presenting it to the members with a positive recommendation. Now it is up to the members to vote. The voting period starts on Friday 30 June and runs until Friday 14 July 2023 12.00:XNUMX noon. We then inform the members about the result of the vote and the further follow-up.

Questions or remarks

Do you have any questions or comments about the process and/or agreement? Please contact the representative Emanuel Geurts via or 06-5252 2074.


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