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Arcadis: collective agreement


After 6 rounds of negotiation . . .

Employees' organizations and Arcadis have spent 6 rounds trying to negotiate effectively and efficiently about new agreements in the collective labor agreement that should have come into effect on 1 April of this year.

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This led to a proposal from Arcadis on 15 June. On June 16, we informed Arcadis in a joint response how the negotiators view this. And especially with regard to the structural collective wage increase.

Arcadis presents

Arcadis has proposed to structurally increase the salaries and salary scales by 1,4%. In addition, people are prepared to supplement the benefit for 5 weeks with extra birth leave (WIEG) to 100%. Arcadis omits the link with a austerity of the PVA that was initially on the table. The PVA level would go from 95% to 90%.

The employees' organization is satisfied that the addition of the WIEG benefit is no longer associated with the reduction of the PVA salary. However, we are less pleased with the percentage by which the wages and paid salaries of Arcadis employees would be increased collectively: 1,4%. In addition, the homework allowance and sustainable employability were discussed in detail.

New mandate

An increase of (only) 1,4% is far below the mandate we have received from members. This means that we have to discuss with our members again how we want to proceed with this (possibly a new mandate). This week we want to organize a members meeting. The main topic will be how far we can go when it comes to collective enhancement.

Negotiation round VII is scheduled for Monday 28 June. We will then provide a substantive response to Arcadis' latest proposal.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the representative, John Kapteijn, via e-mail or call 06-5252 2067.