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Transition fee

If you are fired, you are entitled to a transition payment. How high is this one? That depends on your monthly salary and the duration of your employment. With our tool you can calculate exactly what you are entitled to. And are you getting too little? Our specialists are happy to work on it for you.

What is your gross monthly wage?

To calculate your transition compensation you need your gross monthly salary. This is usually stated on your pay slip. You add other wage components to this. Some of these are annual: add 1/12th to your basic gross monthly salary. Think of:

  • holiday allowance
  • shift allowance
  • fixed thirteenth month
  • commission from the last 12 months
  • overtime compensation

In addition, some variable wage components that you received in the three years before your dismissal count. You may include 1/36th of the total of this wage component in your calculation. This applies, among other things, to:

  • bonus
  • profit distribution
  • (variable) year-end bonus

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