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Protest against transition compensation

I did not receive a transition payment upon my dismissal

If your employer terminates your employment or does not renew your temporary contract, you are entitled to a transition payment. Your employer must pay this no later than one month after the end of your employment. The amount of the compensation is: 1/3 gross monthly salary per full year of service. You can calculate the amount of the compensation for the remaining time or a period shorter than one year as follows: (gross salary received on the remaining part of the employment contract / gross monthly salary) x (1/3 gross monthly salary / 12) The compensation is a maximum of € 83.000 gross or , if your annual salary exceeds € 83.000, a maximum of one gross annual salary.

How to send?

Registered and by regular mail or e-mail

When to send?

As soon as possible if you have not received a transition payment within one month after the end of employment


Does your employer not pay the transition allowance? Then you must submit a petition to the court within three months of the end date of your contract. We can help you with this if you contact us in time

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