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National informal care survey 2022: the results

In the newsletter of March you were able to read about the National Informal Care Survey 2022, an initiative of Senior Service and Fello. Then we called on as many of our members as possible to also respond to the questionnaire. The investigation has now been completed and the results are available. More than 1.700 respondents – including many members of De Unie – have expressed how they feel about their informal care tasks and how they combine them with their work. Below you can read about the results of this impactful study. 

The impact of informal care on work

The research shows that in some cases the informal care tasks are difficult to combine with work: almost half of the working informal carers was unable to work one or more times in the past year because of the informal care they had to provide. 18 percent did not work for several weeks to a month, 15 percent did not work for several months. In addition, 27 percent are thinking about working less and having more time for informal care – 10 percent are even considering stopping work altogether. 47,5 percent also experience mental complaints as a result of the informal care tasks.

Are you curious about all the results of the National Informal Care Survey 2022? Read more highlights of the results here or download the full report.

High-profile results

The results of the study are causing a lot of confusion in the country. Several media have already covered it, including The National Care Guide en Newspaper of the North† In addition, a report will soon be published in the AD about the investigation and NPO Radio 1 will devote attention to it. Many of these publications and broadcasts De Unie speaking.

Want to know more?

On the website of the National Informal Care Survey 2022 you can read more about the results of the survey. Do you have questions about informal care or would you like support with your care tasks? Feel free to contact De Unie† Our Service Center is available every working day from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm via and 0345 851 963.