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Health insurers: Update on pension and sector fund

October 18, 2023

In this message, Emanuel Geurts informs you about the tfeedback Van in recent Discuss over retirement between health insurers, trade unions en pension fund and also about it sector fund.

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Pension consultation Commitment partners

The employers en trade unions to have op Tuesday 10 oktober 2023 with each other spoken about the past tripartite consultation, compensation, transition plan, responsibilities of the fund and Commitment partners, scenarios and next steps, consultation with the VGA, goals en initial stuffing of solidarity-/risk sharing reserve, coming tripartite consultation and the communication† We to have two more in 2023 Discuss stand for, To know op Tuesday 7 november en Monday 4 December 2023.

Consultation pension fund SBZ

SBZ Retirement is organizing annually two physical Discuss between delegations Van in Commitment partners and it board of the fund pension developments and the current affairs at the plugged in parties. So there was Tuesday 10 oktober 2023 one semi-annually consultation about the implementation of new Pension Act (Wtp), choice guidance from the fund, the future from SBZ, incapacity for work en communication. Ordered before coming year are Thursday 11 April en Tuesday 8 oktober 2024 planned. SBZ Retirement is organizing webinars on numerous subjects around retirement. All webinars are here te find and also even back te look.

Consultation association Van in gepensioneerden

De Pension Act states that if there is one association Van in pensioners and / or a association Van in pointed out Attendees is that one substantial part of population represents, Which this association in the gelegenheid posed must Worden Building Worden heard of written input te can not be purchased give on this transition plan. So heeft de Association Van in gepensioneerden Van in Achmea (VGA) herself reported at SBZ. On 6 oktober 2023 heeft one consultation occurred between a delegation Van in ZN employers en trade unions en three representatives from VGA. Back and forth to have we a explanation given Van in our activities so far and a schedule. We to have agreed to meet om each other on the height te to hold Van in important developments en each other there like that necessary about to to speak.

Consultation sector fund

The sector fund about this de Health insurers is at 11 november 2004 set up with as Doel om additional job market-, employment en training activities te stimulate can Commitment partners with each other th purpose of the sector to agree. This stichting is already years inactive en Commitment partners to have private om this therefore also to lift. The Discuss between Commitment partners about overarching Affairs cannot being collective labor agreement or retirement how we can help your also without de stichting place. So to have employers en trade unions it on 21 september 2023 had over diversity en inclusion. What understand we underneath and what happens already on this area within en Outside the sector? We to have private to record input and best practices get it at ZN employers, Covenant Van in Insurers and the AWVN. In the annual interrogation at health insurers about this de General To the staff Key Figures Health insurers (MOT-Z) can not be purchased also asked questions over diversity en inclusion included Worden. So working we it topic further off and this may lead to a (joint) input about this in the next dog Health insurers. The sector consultation is on 11 December 2023 continued.


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