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06 September 2023

De trade unions en employers are between themselves and also with pension fund SBZ in conversation about a new pension plan. Thursday 24 August 2023 to have employers en trade unions with each other spoken about the feasibility test, compensation en netto profit, project planning, transition plan en disability pension.

Below you can read the explanation about the feasibility test and the transition plan. 

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Feasibility test 2023

De feasibility test is a key the and insight gives . promised retirement on a length term fulfilled can Worden. Thereby is looked to de coherence between de financial intent. Then expected pension result and the risks the thereby apply. The expected pension result is declined th relative of feasibility test of 2022. The main cause of Daling from the pension result are de new economic circumstances. The new economic worldview with the high inflation takes care about this a higher indexation burden about this the pension fund, Causing in expectation the pension result drops.

SBZ heeft as a fund legal commitment to get in conversation te to go with the Commitment partners about the outcomes, financial intent en risk attitude of the fund. Because Health insurers The Netherlands de biggest Commitment partners at SSB are, heeft fund this with us recently discussed† We to have joint concluded that there not direct action necessary is because de current pension plan a kind intermediate arrangement is and we now working to a new pension plan about this in 2025 or 2026.

Transition plan

De Pension Act determines that employers de choices, considerations en calculations those ten basis lie to the change of grant and the wise upon which is handled with accumulated pension entitlements on -right-wing captures in a so-called transition plan. The transition plan contains de accountability why talk belongs to one balanced transition. Further is in the transition plan indicated of Attendees disadvantage experience of abolition of age independent Structure. If there talk is of disadvantage is in the transition plan proclaim op Welke wise en in Welke mate she therefor Worden compensated. In every meeting can not be purchased we again one chapter (On)to fill en stayed finally everything erin proclaim what we to have treated.

De Pension Act states also that if there talk belongs to one association from pensioners and / or a association from pointed out Attendees that one substantial part of population represent, Which this associations in the gelegenheid posed moeten Worden Building Worden heard of written input te can not be purchased give on this transition plan. The Association from gepensioneerden from Achmea to have herself therefor reported at SSB. A delegation from employers en trade unions makes a Appointment with them for this right to hear also with them to fill.

Follow-up appointments

De Commitment partners to have four more in 2023 pension consultations planned stand for, To know op Tuesday 12 september, Tuesday 10 oktober, Tuesday 7 november en Monday 4 December 2023.


If you want react op this newsletter or want to get in touch have with the representative Emanuel Geurts , please contact him at or on 06-52522074.
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